Cookie Mixes

Getting ready for the craft fairs coming up! I still have a lot more to make, but at least I finally started!

I started making cookie mixes a couple of years ago and I came across some really awesome recipes.  Some of the ingredients I changed up,but I’m sure there is someone out there who uses the exact same recipes so I don’t call them originals… I just like to think it! 😉  I takes a good bit of time to put all these jars together and I also make bread mixes (surprise surprise).  People seem to really appreciate something that is “homemade” and either give it as a gift or keep it for themselves.  A lot of people don’t have the love for baking that I do or maybe just don’t have the time to do it, with these pre-made mixes (that will be dressed up in pretty jars) people will be able to enjoy unique cookie mixes that will be ready by just adding a few wet ingredients!  When I go to the craft fairs I always take free samples of the mixes and people REALLY appreciate that, because let’s face it… whenever someone goes to a fair they usually always buy some type of food if nothing else!  But by giving samples they get to try before they buy it, and it really makes me happy when people ask, “did you make these?” (I have convinced myself to take that as a compliment).  People often really do seem surprised at how good they taste, then they buy a jar and now everyone’s happy! Anyway, I do really enjoy going to the craft fairs it’s fun to see how creative people are and that they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and let everyone see too! I will put more pics of the finished product on here before the craft fair, I will also work on putting the recipes up too…they are just too good not to share!



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