Good family fun

Ok, this post has nothing to do with recipes or life in the country!  It’s just a funny little story I feel like I should share.  My mom, sister, and I were sitting at my sister’s house playing this new dominos game they were TRYING to teach me.  It’s called Shoot the Moon or Follow Me to the Moon, I can’t remember!  Let me say this, anyone outside of my family may think we are all nice, loving, and caring towards one another but when we play a card game or dominos its serious business!!  So my mom and sister are trying to explain this game and it’s going horribly, but just like a few others in my family I don’t like to lose and become a little loose-lipped when things aren’t going my way.  Well I say a few choice words and my mom looks at me and threatens to wash my mouth out with soap!  Realizing  that I have grown a little bit since she may have last threatened me with that she changes her mind and says, “next time I’m bringing a spray bottle with soap in it”  so she can spray me!!!  So now she’s going to spray me like I’m a misbehaving cat every time I cuss, unbelievable… I wouldn’t put it past her though!  So yes, we are competitive… our tempers flare, we have no mercy, we don’t apologize and we have a damn good time!


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  1. Elizabeth
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 16:42:36

    Hahaha I couldn’t imagine anyone in our family hating to lose!! When Maw and I were playing at Ashley’s house one time, she told me that she “ought to slap me!” I like to think we are just “competitive.” Miss you!


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