Brand new year… lots of big changes!

Thank goodness for the new year! Logically thinking, January 1st is just another day… but for some reason, it feels like a fresh start to what could be an awesome year!  Normally I don’t go for the whole new years resolutions, maybe because I can never stick to it and accomplish the goals I set.  (Not being a downer, those are just the cold hard facts) This year feels different though… so I am setting goals and I will accomplish them! *next sentence said in big commanding voice* It may not happen today or even this month, but I will continue on until I reach greatness!!!   Ha ha, just kidding… I just want me and my family to be happy, healthy, more active, go and do stuff and see things we’ve never done or seen before, get more active in church, become a better cook, build things (or talk my husband into it), get out of debt  and the list can go on and on! 2014 was a very rough and long year, lots of changes for my family… some good, some bad.  Maybe that’s why I’m looking to 2015 so much? Whatever it is, it’s a much welcomed change.  Maybe I’m just so damn happy that school starts back tomorrow and we can get back into a routine.  I also start back to Crossfit and I’m starting a new healthy “lifestyle change” (not diet) for the whole fam.! Not just every once in a while healthy dinners, I’m talking if we want bread I gotta get my butt up and make some Paleo style bread… no store-bought processed chemical packed crap!  There’s also a lot of changes I’m going to be making to my house, inside and out.  We are going to be busy busy! I should probably go ahead and start, this is gonna take a while…



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